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The world's savviest investors and brokers use Signum to trade smarter. New insights arrive in microseconds with every market tick. Can you really afford to trade without it?

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Signum predicts market dynamics with up to 80% accuracy. Imagine receiving in microseconds real-time market data that includes predictions of price movements, forecasts of trade concentrations, and revelations of hidden liquidity. How much better would you trade? Let us show you.

Grab a bigger slice of the spread!

Grab a bigger slice of the spread! Signum's accurate prediction of next quote price direction - Quote Vector - allows execution algorithms to consistently reap handsome returns. How handsome? Millions of dollars per day and over two billion dollars per year are achievable in the US equities market.

Net Price Improvement for US Equities
  • Theoretical Net Gains (at 50% Threshold)

Skip the mirage, dive into real liquidity pools

The majority of intra-day trades occur during the prelude to a quote price change. Signum’s accurate prediction of imminent quote price changes - Quote Fuse - allows agency brokers to reliably target pools of available liquidity.

Intraday Liquidity Forecasted by Quote Fuse

Accuracy Thresholds

of intraday volume is traded in the 50 millisecond prelude to a new quote price

  • Signaled Liquidity
  • Not Signaled Liquidity

Leverage insights from the shadows

Hidden orders in the market are significantly larger than visible orders and they beget concentrations of trading activity. Signum’s accurate identification of reserve orders - Liquidity Lamp - and estimation of their size - Searchlight - allow algo traders to make more informed trading decisions.

Top Ten Reserve Order Executions for

Rank Symbol Signal Volume The total volume of reserve orders executed during the day Lit Volume The day's total volume of all executions while Liquidity Lamp is lit. Concentration Ratio Concentration ratio quantifies the relative number of executions while Liquidity Lamp is lit versus when it is not.

"Signum is unique and it’s a game-changer. Nobody else is delivering these types of predictions in real-time with this level of accuracy."

Managing Director at Global Bank

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